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DLFF Scholar Hailey Morath Named Runner Up in Civics Essay Competition

Hailey Morath

Pictured left to right:  Matthew Fischer (Principal), Hailey Morath and Dick Newbert (Editor of TheLegacyof1776.Com)

In December of 2022, DLFF Scholar Hailey Morath, Conwell-Egan Catholic (CEC) Class of 2023, was named runner up in the 2022 Civics Essay Contest.

The Civics Scholarship Contest is open to all Bucks County high school seniors, encouraging interested students to submit a 250–300-word essay addressing;  “What, if any, are, should be or should not be limitations on the freedoms granted and responsibilities imposed by the Bill of Rights … and why?”

This year’s students were challenged to write an essay answering the question; “Should the Constitution be interpreted based on a literal reading of the document’s original text (“originalism”) or viewed in the context of our nation’s evolving social, scientific and other changes since the time when it was written (a “living constitution”) and why?”

Each year a panel of seven independent judges read and rated each of the submissions with their collective consensus determining the first and second place awardees.

Morath was named runner up, and awarded a $1,000 Scholarship and a Certificate of Recognition from Dick Newbert, editor of TheLegacyof1776.com.

Great job, Hailey! 

Read more here: http://www.thelegacyof1776.com/?p=1599 

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