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Pathway Scholar Spotlight: Keenan Stahl

Keenan Stahl

DLFF is proud to spotlight Pathway Scholar Keenan Stahl from St. Andrew School

As a student-athlete who has steadily grown out of his sports equipment over the years, Keenan recognized the cost and the usefulness of gently-used athletic items. After searching for a place to donate his sports gear that he was no longer using, Keenan became involved with an organization called Level the Playing Field (LPF), a group who brings used sports equipment to underserved communities in the Greater Philadelphia area. Keenan has been running collection drives with his school, St. Andrew, and his local Lacrosse club, Lower Bucks Lacrosse. Recently, Keenan organized a drive at St. Andrew with the help of his younger brother and a teammate.

Keenan delivered the donated sports gear to the LPF warehouse, where he has spent several hours sorting and taking inventory. They have another school-wide drive scheduled for this spring. Keenan’s collected donations (so far) total over $10,000! DLFF is so proud of you, Keenan! 

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