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TMF Character Leadership Course Graduation

TMF Graduation

On May 19, 2022, 33 Conwell-Egan Catholic (CEC) students, including 11 DLFF Scholars gathered in the Grace Danaher Performing Arts Center to celebrate the 4th graduating class of the Travis Manion Foundation program (TMF). 

The Travis Manion Foundation is a nationally recognized organization that holds character building/leadership courses at high schools to help build future leaders of tomorrow. 

This year, students participated and completed extremely impactful community service projects. Such projects included hosting a fundraiser for an Afghan family in the U.S, where students raised thousands of dollars to buy grocery store gift cards so that this family may purchase basic human needs, as well as building a memorial around the base of the American flag out front of CEC to honor a fallen soldier, Scott Craven, who is an Alum of CEC and the son of TMF’s Lead Mentor, Bob Craven.

DLFF feels honored to have made the connection between Conwell-Egan and Travis Manion and to help offer opportunities for leadership and service. Congratulations To all the graduates.

About TMF: 
TMF strives to unite and strengthen communities by training, developing, and highlighting the role models that lead them. We develop programs, training opportunities, and events designed to empower veterans and families of the fallen, and then inspire them to pass on their values to the next generation and the community at large.


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