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"We believe very strongly that everyone has more potential than they realize."

In 2013, we established the Danaher Lynch Family Foundation with the purpose to help unleash the potential of people in our community.

We grew up and continue to live in the Bucks County area of Philadelphia, benefitting from wonderful families and friends, strong communities, and a values-based Catholic education. Our life's journey was influenced by people who believed in us. We understand that through this network of caring people, we were able to discover our potential. 

Having benefited greatly from those who cultivated the greater possibilities in us, we want to do the same for others. The Danaher Lynch Family Foundation invests in two giving areas: education and critical community services. Although the organizations we support all have different missions, there is always a common thread of unleashing potential and uplifting lives.

We believe that a good education makes many things possible and sets the foundation for future growth and opportunity. We invest in students and Catholic schools in the greater Philadelphia area because Catholic education has had a positive influence on our lives. It is our hope that with our support, these schools remain accessible for families. 

Similarly, our communities thrive when non-profit organizations have the support that they need to make a difference. It brings us comfort to know there are so many people and organizations dedicated to making our community better. These organizations provide essential services that are easy to overlook or take for granted until you need them. We are proud to support outstanding non-profit organizations around us that touch countless lives.

We give special thanks to our parents, John and Grace Danaher and Jim and Lorraine Lynch for raising us in such a special place and for emphasizing the importance of education. And we thank our mentors and community organizations who encourage us to be better every day.

Patty and Tom Lynch
Founders Image

We believe very strongly that everyone has more potential than they realize.

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