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Grantee Spotlight: Snipes Farm and Education Center

Snipes Grantee Spotlight 2

DLFF is a proud partner of Snipes Farm and Education Center (SFEC). Our grantee spotlights allow us to highlight the wonderful work of our community partners and see what the impact of our support can accomplish. 


Tell us a story about the impact of DLFF’s support for Snipes Farm and Education Center (SFEC).

DLFF has made it possible to deepen our connection to the well-being of the residents of the Bucks County Homeless Shelter through nutrition education and gardening. It has connected students from Conwell-Egan Catholic High School (CEC) to these programs as volunteers at the shelter and at Snipes Farm events such as Farm Camp pasta dinner and Earth Day. It has reconnected us to special programming at Holy Trinity School and Our Lady of Grace, exploring the possibility of a school garden. In 2019, Snipes Farm, DLFF, and students in the Travis Manion Club at CEC came together and built a vegetable garden on-site at the emergency shelter. DLFF is very sincere in wanting to help nonprofits live out their mission and to help young people to develop leadership skills and compassion through service. 

 A moment to cherish from the early shelter garden was the testimonial of a resident who tended the plants with tender care and who spent time in the garden as the only place that she felt at peace.  

 Has DLFF’s support directly impacted Snipes Farm in any other ways?

There is room for learning through DLFF support. One program that we provide is a work in progress and we appreciate the opportunity to reflect and make improvements with partners all striving for the best outcomes. 

DLFF models a holistic approach to partnership building. It builds strength through the mutual concerted effort to serve the Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter, the mentoring of CEC scholars, and dynamic communication along with project tending and support of Snipes Farm and Education Center (SFEC) to provide an impactful, meaningful program. Through DLFF, we have reconnected with Holy Trinity school, enabling us to provide hands-on education at the farm and school. DLFF’s support has made it possible for a child from the shelter to attend Snipes Farm Day Camp for the entire summer. DLFF has also connected scholars to volunteer at SFEC events and brought its staff for a farm tour to understand SFEC work and mission. This organization shines a light on the value and importance of relationship building in order for programs and projects to thrive and matter to everyone and in the process we feel a part of one community. DLFF inspires us to dream new possibilities into reality which result in greater health and vitality for all who are involved. 

Why is DLFF’s support important to Snipes Farm?

DLFF offers an example of the power that support can bring to meet a need in the community that then brings energy, care, and empowerment to families and students. 

What does the future of Snipes Farm look like with DLFF’s support? 

Continued development of nutrition education and gardening at the Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter to be a model for others. Farm education for students to extend classroom learning through hands-on, nature-based STEM lessons. Integration of DLFF Scholars into our programs to build connections, understanding and skills.

How has DLFF’s support made it possible for Snipes Farm to deliver on its mission? The SFEC mission is to model and teach sustainable farming, build community, and reconnect people to the land. DLFF programs connect families and students to the land through nutrition and garden education and build community through it all. Programs that fold in the care of people and nature develop skills and a framework for us all to be good stewards of the planet and community. 

How has your DLFF grant enabled your organization to unleash potential? 

We strive together to bring more health, inspiration, and joy to life. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with DLFF.


Located in Morrisville, PA, the mission of Snipes Farm and Education Center is to model and teach sustainable farming, while building community and reconnecting people to the land. To learn more, visit www.snipesfarm.org.




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